V6 II receiver activating delay mode with Olympus 004 firmware

I was shooting with V6 II transmitter, two RF60's, two Olympus FL-50's with V6 II receivers. One of the V6II receivers kept configuring Delay Mode with a time >20s (sometimes >30s). The LED would flash red when triggered, and then the flash would fire after the delay. Shooting with an E-M1 mark II. The V6 II's were configured for Olympus camera and Olympus flash (FL-50R).

I did not see anywhere on the transmitter or receiver where Delay Mode could be set (or unset). I tried powering everything off and back on, to no effect. The only way I could find to clear the Delay Mode on the receiver was to do a factory reset, and then go back and reconfigure for the flash.

Any suggestions?


  • Factory reset is the best way to resolve the issue. After reset, would the same unintentional delay happen to the same V6 II again? If yes, that V6 II may be defective.
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