TTL = Delayed Flash?

First Post! ;)

I think I've observed something weird, so I'm detailing it here, while I go make sure everything's on the most recent firmwares, mostly to make sure I'm not making a silly beginner mistake, as well as getting it all straight in my own head :)

I shoot on a pair of Pentax K-01 mirrorless bodies, which I've been using with some older manual speedlights (at least one going back to when my P30n was brand new, in 1991) sitting on top of some basic generic triggers.

These have worked okay, but are limiting what I can do.

I picked up a V6 some time ago, along with a non-ttl Yongnuo flash, as I'd wanted to try HSS and TTL.

Then happened to pick up a higher spec Yongnuo flash with Canon interface, and most recently, a pair of V6ii triggers and a third Yongnuo, this one with P-ttl. Both V6ii have Pentax firmware.

So, K-01, plus Yongnuo YN585EX, and I've got full P-ttl pass through in to the flash and all functional correctly.

Add the V6ii in between, making sure the YN flash is seated properly, and again, full P-ttl functionality.

So far, so good.

Set up the second V6ii as Receiver, flash profile set to Canon and 'auto' to match the Yongnuo YN600EX-RT, and the second flash fires, but is delayed so far that it doesn't show up in the image shot.

Remove the speedlight mounted at the camera, and the one of the receiver fires at such low power it's almost useless.

And the flash on the receiver displays HSS or Trailing shutter sync icons, not allowing either to be shut off.

Set both flashes and the V6ii units to Manual, and the flash fires within the shutter opening time, exactly as they do when sitting on the manual generic triggers.

So, I seems to be able to get the P-ttl to pass through and end up as E-ttl on the second speedlight, just not fast enough to be seen in the photos,...

Lastly, with the V6ii or V6 on the K-01, I can't raise the shutter above 180th, or get HSS to work.

For my next trick, I shall attempt to figure out why the V6ii doesn't trigger the V6 at all, or the V6 doesn't trigger the V6ii - as the user manual says they should.

After updating the firmware to current versions on everything.
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