cactus v6ii relay and HSS not getting it together

well seems that in relay mode with v6ii HSS is not syncing properly...….flash fires but is not useful in the image

set up K-3ii....af360fgz.....haven't checked yet but believe the v6iis have latest FW (pentax) atleast in the past couple of months

camera is in M.....speed 1/1250.....flash sometimes has HS other times not but no influence when HS is displayed on flash

so far maybe one attempt worked (not even sure of that) but many have not and continue not syncing

sync is fine if I do not use relay triggering

have no problem when at sync speed, relay triggering works well with the pen FW
however is not responsive at all with the x-ttl FW (no flash)

do not understand HS not syncing when in relay mode...….as this would be a great alternative to the very miss & occasional hit using an ir remote outside

will say I am using a 2.5mm adapter (stereo) to 3.5mm(stereo) cable.....don't know why a cable would work for some but not all features

thanks for any help



  • Hello Aaront28,

    Currently the relay mode for Pentax does not support HSS, due to a technical limitation of timing requirement of Pentax TTL. The switching from RX to TX is not fast enough to cater the preparation time that the transmitter need to prepare for receiving a TTL command from the camera.

    We are sorry that the relay mode can only work within sync speed for Pentax cameras.

    You may, however, deploy one more V6 II transceiver to achieve such task (i.e., unit 1a as handheld TX and unit 1b as RX and connect to the camera via shutter cable, unit 2a as TX on camera hot shoe and 2b as flash RX). When using two pairs of V6 II, please assign one specific RF channel for remote shutter and another specific channel for wireless flash. Otherwise, the two pairs of V6 II may interfere with each other.

    Thanks for your question.
  • thank you for your reply! reckon that timing cannot be remedied by FW or it prolly would have by now......I do have 2 additional v6ii to attempt this 'multi-channel' event....but any power or zoom adjustments will need to be made on unit 2a I assume......wonder how a unit 1bb on a 2nd pentax body would fare? neat to catch a 2nd view at the same time

    thanks again will post any progress or continuing questions
  • They can hardly shoot at the same time. First, different Pentax camera models will have different shutter lags. The differences are quite pronounced. Second, if you work on anything AUTO (either aperture, shutter speed or flash power), the differences in any one of these setting will surely affect the actual time when the shutter opens and closes. Unless you have the same camera model and same manual setting of both cameras, otherwise you can hardly ensure that both camera will shoot at the same time (in very strict sense).
  • thank you....I would be all manual attempting...reckon I will see the difference between 3 different bodies just to try.....appreciate the heads up!!

    another you have described is there trouble mounting a v6 (unit 1b rx mode) on top of the camera mounted v6ii (unit 2a tx mode) ?? reckon I could secure it by other means

    thanks again!
  • Yes, putting the 1b on top of 2a would work as well!
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