Triggering a manual flash while also using ttl on camera sb-700

I recently purchased 3 cactus v6 triggers. Unfortunately I cannot set the profiles for my Nissin Di622 II and Nissin Di466.
The following is my set-up I am having issues with. Nikon D800 with a v6 on it and a sb-700 flash on the v6. I wish to use the sb-700 in ttl mode for a wedding first dance and place my two nissin speedlights as backlights on the dancefloor. I can set the power of the speedlights manually on the flash units and I merely wish to trigger them or turn them off using the on camera V6. I am able to trigger them with just the Vs on camera but when I put on my sb-700 to work ttl they won't go off. Is there something I am doing wrong or can it only work on compatible flash units?


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    Hello Tonnta1,

    I think you want to use SB-700 in TTL mode. It mounts on the top of the V6 which is sandwiched between the flash and the camera's hot shoe. With V6's TTL pass-through mode, the SB-700 works as they mounts directly on the camera. So, the TTL functions like auto-metering and HSS can be used while the V6 Tx units works as a commander to other V6 Rx units. Same principle applies to other TTL flashes.

    Just for your info, the flash has to set to TTL mode and select proper flash profile in the V6 to activate the wireless remote power control.

    Unfortunately Di622 II for Nikon doesn't support flash profiling by the V6. That means it cannot be wireless power control by V6. But if you wish to use Di622 II with V6, it is possible. The V6 should work as a wireless manual flash trigger without remote power control. The flash profile in V6 has to set to MANUAL FLASH.  I don't have Nissin Di466 to test. However, most likely it will be the same as the Di622II.

    In the meantime, should you have further concerns or questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Ray Chan

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  • Thank you Ray. This is where I have a problem. I have set up the camera, flash and triggers in this way but when on TTL pass through, my nissin flashes fail to fire while set on manual flash mode. However they do fire when I have just the cactus V6 on my camera hotshoe.
  • So your Nissin flashes don't fire when the SB-700 is on the V6 and as soon as you remove the SB-700, they fire?

    Have you chosen the SB-700 profile on the V6 that is on the camera?
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