Pentax K-1, Cactus V6 II - AF assist turns off late

Hi, everyone,

I'm asking for your help to solve a problem with the following equipment:

- Pentax K-1
- Cactus V6 II
- Cactus RF60X or Pentax AF540FGZ II

If I set the AF assist's modes Auto or Manual the red beam turns off late after shutter opening, so that I can see a red light in my photos. The problem is still existing after a Factory Reset and A firmaware update.

Is there any solution?


  • We have just tested the V6 II (PEN.A.005) with RF60X and K-3 and cannot repeat the issue. Do you have another V6 II for testing? If so, does the same happen to another V6 II as well? We cannot rule out the possibility of a hardware defect.
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    I've ran a test with both my V6 II transceivers. This malfunction happens also with Pentax flash's built-in LED, so that I believe it's a K-1 body defect. I'll write to Pentax customer care. Thank you.
  • Great. Thanks for your update!
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