Unclear about Cactus V6 II firmware update


I have recently purchased 3 Cactus V6 II triggers : 1 for my X-T3 and 2 for my Canon Speedlite flashes. Should I update all triggers with the Fuji firmware (assuming that the Canon Speedlite profiles are embedded) ? Or should I select Canon for the 2 triggers that will work in Rx mode ?

The documentation is unclear about this.

Thanks in advance.
-- Patrick


  • Hello Samoreen!

    Please just update all triggers to Fujifilm X-TTL firmware. Flashes from all systems are embedded in each of the X-TTL firmware. The differences among X-TTL are just about the compatibility with cameras.
  • OK. Thanks. I think that this should be mentioned in the documentation and in the X-TTL FAQ on your site. I have noticed that many people are wondering what they should do about the firmware installed on the Rx triggers.
    -- Patrick
  • Yes, thanks for your suggestion. We are sorry for the confusion caused!
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