Flash does not file

I have the Catus Trans/rec. and the remote flash does not fire when I take a photo. I use a Fuji X-100F and a Nissin i40. The Tx has been connected and reads F. The setting is in TTL mode. Group A, Ch.1. Set as Fuji Camera. Nissin i40

The Flash is attached with Group A, Ch.1. Set as Fuji.Nissin i40

When i press the test button on the TX, the flash fires sometimes.

When I place the flash ON the Fuji Hotshoe, the flash fires. When I place the flash on the TX hot shoe, it does not fire.


  • We have two reminders when working with the i40 Fuji version:

    1) The i40 does not work well with V6 II at Lo power, given the small power output range of this flash. So when testing with the flash, do not use Lo power or 1/256. Start with 1/128 as the lowest power.
    2) Our earlier firmware version does not support i40. Please update your firmware to either X-TTL for Fujifilm (FUJ.A.004) or multi-brand (V62.A.001).
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