Pentax K-1 & AF light

Hi, everyone,

I'm using the following eqipment:

- Pentax K-1
- Cactus V6 II (and also V6)
- different flashes

Is there a way to have the AF light being activated only while pressing the focussing button?

If I activate the AF light at the transmitters the AF light is always being turned on, but this is annoying when being at a wedding or so...

Any idea?

Thanks a lot!



  • PS: I'm using the firmware version V62.A.001
  • Have you tried turning off the AF-Continuous mode under the PREFERENCES sub-menu? Please keep the AF-assist turn ON.

  • AF-Continuous mode is turned off and the AF-assist is ON. Result: the AF light is turned on by the K-1 only when it is very very dark. In addition to that the camera first tries to focus and if this is not working due to the low light situation it activates the AF light. And it seems as if the Cactus triggers is just picking up the signal and turns on its AF light... Therefore I was wondering if it's possible for the Cactus triggers to turn on the AF light while the focussing button is pressed instead of waiting for the camera to send out the AF light signal...?!
  • We "detect" the camera entirely via the hot shoe interface as if the Cactus transceiver were on-camera flashes. The hot shoe have notified us when to give AF assist as the camera thinks fit. But the hot shoe have no information about when the shutter release has been half pressed, or it is not. To activate the AF assist whenever the shutter release is half pressed is thus impossible. The hot shoe does not give such information.
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