Flash fires twice

Hello all
I just got two of the v6 ii for my Olympus system. Got every thing set up, mounted flash to the transceiver and did a test flash. My FL-50 flash fires twice. I have the delay and repeat turned off. Doing a test flash with just the flash unit by itself it will only fire once. Any suggestion as to what the problem could be?


  • If you are using a Multi-brand firmware (ex-factory firmware), please make sure that the TX has detected your camera and show an "O" in the camera icon. Also please use the auto-detect to detect your FL-50 and it should show an "O" in the flash icon.

    Successful detection on TX and RX will make sure that the connection is good for both.

    If you are using the Olympus specific X-TTL firmware, please test the connection by switching the shutter speed on your camera. If the connection is good, you should be able to read the updated shutter speed on your V6 II TX screen which shows briefly upon detecting the new shutter speed.

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