Some questions


I have 3 Cactus V6 II for m’y Fuji X-T20. One as TX and the 2 others as RX. But have some questions regarding these things
  • When zooming, the flash head doesn’t move on the receiver
  • Af assist on the RX doesn’t work when focusing. Still, it’s activated in camera and on the RX piece
  • Changing the value of the flash in camera ( -0.3 by example ) is not send to the RX not the TX.
For the flash compensation, it’s ok as I can change it on the RX.
But the flash zoom head and the af assist are annoying.


Thanks in advance,



  • Zoom: have you tried configured the zoom setting on your V6 II TX?
    AF assist: if the AF assist on your TX is working, please check whether you have also activated the AF assist on your RX.
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