Cactus V6II stopped firing using X Port

I use a set of "V6II" triggers with a Miops splash kit. A trigger cable from the Miops unit to the "V6II" X Port to fire a Pentax AF540FGZII flash and adjust its power level. Yesterday it stopped firing the flash.
The "V6II" is triggering Cactus RF60X flashes using the X Port.
Will fire and adjust the Pentax flash using "V6" triggers. "V6" as TX to a "V6II", or a "V6II" as TX to a "V6". all using the X Port... But Not a "V6II" to a "V6II".
The green light does confirm a signal with the pair of V6II triggers and will fire the Pentax flash with the Test/shutter release button.
I was working till yesterday, What happened?



  • Would it be the case that the x-sync port of one of the V6 II is defective? Swapping the TX with RX may confirm if this is the case.
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