Fujifilm X-T3 no HSS Function

Hello dear Developers & Users,
I purchased two Cactus v6ii this week for my FUJiFILM X-T3. Now I thought I update to the latest firmware. 1.1.013 is currently installed. Which one should I take? The Fuji firmware or the branding HSS firmware? At the moment I couldn't make an HSS with Jinbei flashes. Is it normal that I have to remove the small metal cover on the hot shoe? So that the flash works because it is extremely difficult to assemble.

I am looking forward to your feedback.

Best regards Sebastian


  • If you are connecting the Jinbei flash with x-sync cable, it is not going to work in HSS. The firmware version you are working on does not matter.

    However, we recommend you to upgrade the firmware to FUJ.A.004 to fully utilise the HSS and TTL capability from your camera.
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