Unable to control Power level on SB-900 Flash

I am running firmware NIK.A.005 on my V6 II transceivers and am able to control zoom but unable to control the power level on the Nikon SB-900 flash unit. I ave tried setting the Synch Mode to HSS = Off, HSS=Normal as well as Power Synch however I am having no luck. I am using the Nikon D-750 camera and am aware of the problem with the hot shoe alignment and I have verified the connection by enabling camera controls. I do see the power level change on the VS II RX unit but it is not reflected on the flash unit itself. Any suggestions would be appreciated.



  • Check if you have set the SB-900 to TTL BL mode.
  • I have finally gotten back to testing and have confirmed that the SB-900 flash is in Manual mode. I can still control zoom but unable to control power level on the flash. I have tried performing factory resets on both the TX and RX units but still no luck.
  • I have done some additional testing, this time with the SB-900 flash set to TTL mode instead of Manual mode, I have been able to verify that the relative output power level can be controlled from the TX unit. With these results I am wondering perhaps if my expectations for operation of the SB-900 when in manual mode is correct. I was expecting that the output power level would be adjusted by adjusting the power level on the TX unit however that is not the case. Can someone from Cactus support confirm whether the o/p power level should be adjustable from the TX unit when the SB-900 is in Manual mode?
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