Basic minimal setup

If I want to shoot small flying animals at night what is the minimal setup? I have a Nikon 800. So if I get the appropriate cable can I shoot with just the camera, a Nikon Speedlight SB800 flash and the Cactus LV5?

I am reading about others that get the V5 transceivers as well. Are the transceivers only needed if not connecting directly to the camera (wireless)? Thanks.


  • A V5 will be needed if you cannot cover the distance between LV5 receiver and camera with a sync cable.

    In other words, just using a cable is possible in principle but very limiting in terms of the set up scenarios that are possible.
  • Thanks for the response. So will one V5 be enough for a LV5 trigger, Nikon camera, Nikon flash setup? I assume the V5 hooks directly to the camera and LV5 sends the action signal to the V5. What triggers the flash if it is off camera? Can the V5 receive the trigger signal AND send the signal to the Flash(es)? Or is more required? Thanks.
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    Two V5 will be enough to trigger one flash, if you can place the LV5 receiver so close to the camera that you can connect the LV5 receiver to the camera using a remote-shutter release cable.

    Otherwise, you'll need at least three V5:
    1. one that receives the LV5 signal and triggers the camera (via a remote shutter release cable).
    2. one that sits on the camera's hot-shoe.
    3. one for each flash you want to trigger remotely.
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