Godox TT685S on V6IIs

edited February 2020 in V6 IIs Compatibility
Just for info - this flash is not listed as compatible with V6IIs, but I've managed to make the following setup work fine in the TTL, HSS, and manual modes:

Sony A7iii + V6IIs in TX <-> Godox TT685S on V6IIs in RX

It might be worthy of note that this wireless setup allows manual power adjustment from 1/1 down to 1/256, while the lowest power level of the flash itself is 1/128 (in Manual). Probably in TTL the adjustment range of the flash is broader.

Continuous shooting is only possible with the 'Lo' speed which is 3 fps for A7iii. At the higher speeds the flash fires only in the first frame.

The flash zoom is controllable from the V6IIs on the camera.
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