Cactus V6 won't trigger Nikon SB800

When SB 800 is turned on, manual mode is set. When the V6 transmitter is turned on, the flash mode on the SB800 automatically changes to M FP (high speed synch) Flash power settings on both the transmitter and receiver (V6) have no effect on speedlight flash power setting.
V6 on camera set to transmit mode - V6 with flash set to receive mode - both units on channel 1 - both units on Group A. When transmit button is pressed, flash fires.
The flash power entered on the transmitter is sent to and received by the receiver.. i.e. tx and rcvr are communicating fine.
When SB800 is turned on, flash is in manual mode. When V6, receiver is turned on flash mode subsequently turns to MFB (hi speed synch) Flash power settings on V6 tx and rcvr have no effect on SB800 flash power setting. Can anyone please tell me why and what I can do to make it work? Thanx in advance.
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