Running different Firmware versions on the V6

Help required please.
I have recently bought two V6 transceivers , one to operate a canon 580 or 430 speed light. I am unable to get the tx and RX to talk to each other . I have checked the firmware and see one is running the up to date version and the other an older version. Would this prevent them from working please? they Bothe activate the flash when placed on top on the camera but when using one as TX and the other as RX the don't.
any help would be greatly appreciated.
kind regards


  • Hello
    Can anyone please help me. I am new to triggers and flash photography and I am struggling.
    if you have the TX running one Firmware V61.A.001 and the other set toTX running V1.1.016 will the work to activate a remote Canon580/430 speed light please?
    kind regards
  • Has anyone got an answer please?
  • I am really struggling with this and any help whatsoever would be greatly appreciated
  • The two firmware versions you are using are not compatible with each other.

    Upgrade or downgrade one of the triggers so that it matches the firmware version of the other. In general, don't mix ".1." versions with ".A." versions.

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