Can't disable Delay without Factory Reset


New to Cactus so may be missing something

I have Laser Trigger LV5 and that seems to be functioning correctly.

I have a V6IIS Transceiver which I am using to receive the trigger from the LV5 and a camera cable to fire the camera (Sony A7 III) - not using flash at present.

My issue is if I set a delay (milliseconds or seconds) I cannot disable the delay. If I go to the menu I can set the delay to 'off' and the functions menu shows it as off but it still shows on the main display and still does delay. I can't set the delay on either MS or S to 0 minimum is 1m or 1 second - in any event even if the delay is 1millisecond it delays longer and the only way of clearing the delay is to reset the V6IIS.

It is as if Delay et to OFF isn't working?

Any ideas appreciated.



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    It is as if Delay et to OFF isn't working?
    Should. read
    It is as if Delay Set to OFF isn't working?
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