Problem with V6

Hi I bought 2 Cactus V6 for a few days, the problem is that after a few minutes of use in a perfect way, the v6 off camera starts to go my way in flash fast as if it were in strobe mode ...
What can I do?


  • Did you try to swap the units to check whether the same happens?

    Cactus can probably better help you if you tell them what flash models you are using and which profile you select.
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    I tried to change units and also to change the camera, but the problem it does the same, my Nissin applied to the V6 in the RX mode, rapidly blinking alone with the green light of the other V6 mounted on the chamber Eos D Mark IV in Tx mode. 
    It stops only when I press lightly on the shutter button, I'm only using a Nikon x Nissin Di866 off camera with a camera Canon EOS D Mark IV
  • May I help?

    I think of one possible reason. In the V6 Tx unit on the Canon EOS D mark IV, the profile is set to other system brand, such as Nikon flash. Choosing a Nikon profile to work with a Canon camera could cause unintended triggering. To solve that problem, please select a profile for Canon flash or MANUAL FLASH in the V6 Tx unit.

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