Nikon D780

Hello Cactus team,

So far I've been able to get a V6II to work as TX on D780 more or less stable in Manual mode only.
TTL is suddenly active sometimes but more often it is not (the slave RF60x flashes at full power).

I don't even know whether it's a question of firmware or hardware...
When inserted fully into the hot shoe V6II causes the backlight of the camera's top screen to switch ON and OFF quickly and sporadically all the time (on the camera's back screen the CMD[flash sign] indicator is flashing sporadically too).
In this position V6II sometimes works in TTL but for the most part it doesn't.

Shifted a little back from the fully inserted position (so that the 'pin clicks' as described in the thread for D750), V6II stops lighting the top screen's backlight but no longer gives any TTL either. It still works in TX Manual mode.

All this looks as if only the central pin has a good contact with the hot shoe, being enough for TX Manual. The peripheral pins have temporarily contact - constantly ON and OFF...

Firmware versions:
V6II: NIK.A.005
RF60x: A08

Any chance of a firmware (and/or hardware) update for Nikon D780 so that TTL is supported?

Many thanks.



  • Hey guys,
    yes I'd like to confirm the aforementioned problems. I haven't tried TTL but on manual it sometimes works sometimes not. Usually the longer I use it (or try to really) less reliable it gets. At the beginning any position is OK, after a while only if it shifted backwards and in the end it either stops working or it only works in very peculiar positions with me physically pressing it down quite strongly which is very inconvenient as you can imagine. And the top screen is blinking like there's no tomorrow.

    Any plans on updating the firmware?

    Nikon D780
    Firmware versions:
    V6II: NIK.A.005
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