My Cactus v6 ii can not detect anymore

(Just did a mistake to post in the wrong category, sorry)

I just tried to put on my Cactus V6 ii to Sony A 6000, with Nikon SB 800 as the flash. I set the "camera setting" in auto, since this is not the "S" version.
First, it was ok, but can not execute the HSS. The problem comes when i switched the trigger to my Pentax, it doesn't recognize the camera. The trigger just show the blank camera icon, and the flash system shows the double flash icon with the "F" letter at the top right corner.
I've already tried to change the battery with the fresh one, but no result.
I checked to the manual, and find no description about the mentioned icon nor the trouble shooting section.
Can anybody help me to solve this?
Thanking you in advance
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