V6 not releasing shutter

Hello, I've recently had trouble with my V6.
I use it to trigger from the laser LV5 and it has worked in the past, but it's not working anymore.

Basically, what isn't working is the shutter release through the cable (n3 tried in various 5D IV, III and II). A green light goes on when I hit the test button but it doesn't make the camera shutter go on. In fact, I can't see the orange focus confirmation light anymore eithe.

It's not a problem of the cable, because I have tried various of them and also, if I connect directly to the LV5 it works fine.

If I manually hit the shutter of the camera, the green light blips. And also, if I put a flash on top it works. I have also factory reseted and tried updating firmware, and nothing seems to work. I would be thankful of some help before I confirm something has gone wrong and have to make use of warranty. Thanks.
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