Adding memory function to quickly change the lighting setup

Like the pro DSLRs, they got the memory function for users to quickly change the camera settings ( WB, ISO, shutter speed, aperture, etc.)  to accommodate the scenes they are going to shoot,

I'm wondering if V6 or V7 could add the memory function to quickly change the whole lighting setup, it would be very useful for event, wedding or even commercial photographers. Thank you very much.


  • Hi chansc02, that's a good idea. But i wonder if you would be in equally consistant as to the position of the off camera flashes so the power output would stay relative relevant to the setting?

    Would it be something like:

    C1: Studio Portrature: A: 1/64  B: 1/64  C: 1/8  D: 1/4
    C2: Product: A .... B .... C .... D
    C3: Event Hall...
    Antonio Lao
    Brand Manager
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