V6 and Godox 860N did not fire

Hi, I had set up 2 no. v6 and 2 no. Godox 860N flashes for a recent wedding formal shooting. This setup was working ok initially. However, the v6 could not fire up the flashes after a while, around 30 min without shooting formal photos.

I have switched off the v6 and flash sleep mode but this problem occurs.

Has anyone got this similar situation? Anyone can help? Coz it is really annoying (might cause problem) indeed if the flashes could not fire up under such an important situation.

Many thx for your advice.


  • Perhaps your V860Ns went into thermal protection mode?

    After 30 consecutive full power shots, the V860 will start to take 15s recycle periods. The number of shots increase as you lower the power, but unless you are allowing for breaks within the shots, the heat protection will set in.

    When the flashes don't fire, does the green light on the V6 receiver light up?
    Can you check whether it may have been the V860N's heat protection?
    I don't think it is possible for the V6 to stop working after a while (provided the sleep mode has been turned off and the batteries haven't died) so at the moment I can't think of anything else but the flash refusing to respond to trigger signals.

    The more information on the circumstance you provide, the better are the chances that someone here will be able to figure out what might be wrong.
  • What's was the power on the V860 when it went out?  Would lower power outputs, say 1/128m work?

    Could you still fire the flash by directly pressing the Test button on the flash?

    Also, try switching off the V860, take out the batteries and switch it back on. This way it will reset the protection circuit.  Now when you test it don't set it at high power outputs in case the flash is indeed hot and is being protected.

    Thanks and let us know how it goes!
    Antonio Lao
    Brand Manager
  • Many thx Class A and Antonio's feedback.

    Those 2 no. 860N were set at 1/32 and they were not over-heated. Those flashes could not be fired after a 15-30 min break.

    See if any more thoughts on this situation/


  • Hi I just took out a V860N to test and I think I know why.  I didn't get to wait 30 minutes...

    it's the power saving mode of the flash!  Godox calls it "Auto Power off"

    Under the Custom Function (C.Fn): 00-0, set that to 00-1 to disable the power saving mode. You may refer to P.22 of the user manual for more information.

    I guess with this juicy lithium battery, who would really need to activate the power saving mode? :)
    Antonio Lao
    Brand Manager
  • Antonio, many thanks for your suggestion.

    Unfortunately, I did switched off the sleep mode of V6 and 860N as well....So the v6 and 860N should not be in power saving mode.

  • HI @shclee, so are you still having problem with your V860N and the V6? Is the setup consistently firing past the 15 or 30 minutes?  When the flash does not fire, would mount it to a camera hot shoe fire a flash?
    Antonio Lao
    Brand Manager
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