Working Range Setting

The manual states that the SHORT setting reduces the effective working range by about 70%.

What I'm curious about is the approximate distance between transceivers below which the SHORT setting is recommended. It seems that even if the official maximum range of the V6 is reduced by 70%, that would still cover any studio setting.


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    I used the V6 with the "SHORT" setting in a number of shoots without any problems. It is my default setting because I'm more likely to run into the "too close" than into the "too far" situation. I still get about 30m reach with the "SHORT" setting.

    It would be difficult for Cactus to specify maximum distances as the latter depend on how polluted the respective shooting location is with similar radio frequencies, e.g., from phone handsets or wireless routers.

    Similarly, I don't think one can easily specify a minimum distance for the "LONG" mode. The distance very much depends on where the transmitter is with respect to the receiver and what their rotation is. A distance of say 20cm or more would be safe but there are scenarios in which the communication will still work with much closer distances even in "LONG" mode.
  • Thank you for your insight, it confirms my thinking that I would leave the V6 on SHORT virtually all the time.
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