Problems to change flash power on Canon 580 Ex II

I have just purchased two Cactus V6 transceivers and want to use them with my Canon 580EXII.
I have chosen the same channel and group A for both transceiver and receiver, choose the flash profile according to the manual, the Canon 580EXII is in TTL mode and get the flash to fire when taking a pictureߘ㢵t I can't change the flash powerߘ⮠The numbers show changes on the transceiver and receiver, but the flash exposure actually doesn't change and seem to stay on full power all the time. What did I do wrong? Please help!


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    Did you set the flash profile on the receiver or the transmitter?

    It needs to be set on the receiver, while the V6 playing the receiver role is already set to "receiver mode". When the flash sits on the V6 receiver, the latter should be displaying "580EX*".

    If that wasn't the problem then you may need to make sure to turn on the devices in a specific order. If I remember correctly, you should first turn on the flash, set it to TTL mode and then turn on the V6 receiver.

    Hope this helps.
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