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Does anybody know how to get the RF60 to fire the camera? I have no problem using two V6 units in relay mode but when I have the RF60 on my camera with a sync cable attached and firing it with a V6 in relay mode, I have no luck.

Thanks, Jeff


  • Hi Jeff,

    Do you mean you want to use the RF60 as a wireless shutter release? I'm afraid that the RF60 is not capable to do that.

    FYI, the when using the V6 in relay mode, the channel is one channel step up to other devices that don't activate RELAY mode. For example, you have a V6 Tx in hand with RELAY mode in channel 9, the corresponding channel for other devices without RELAY mode should be channel 8.

    I tried a V6 Tx in Relay mode and channel 9 and a RF60 in S (Slave) mode with channel 8 and a shutter release cable connecting to a Canon 5D3. When I press the test button in the V6, the RF60 just won't trigger the camera.

    Correct me if I get it wrong. I look forward to hearing you soon.
    Ray Chan

    Senior Product Specialist
    Harvest One Limited
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    As raychan wrote, the sync port on the RF60 is "input only", but I'm wondering whether you are really trying to use the RF60 as the receiver part of a remote shutter release.

    Note that you only need the "relay mode", if you want to use a single V6 to simultaneously work as a shutter release receiver and an off-camera flash transmitter.

    If you simply want to use a pair of V6 as a remote shutter release then you don't need to put them into "relay mode". Just keep them on the same channel. A RF60 on-camera would still be fired by the camera.

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