Transmitter 'forgets' which receiver to send to

We shot our first (and second) wedding with our V6's. We had 3 lights set up, an Alienbee 800, Canon 580ex II and a Yongnuo 560 III. During the toasts, my wife and I always use 1 light each on either ends of the room. One speedlight was set on A and the other on B. I set my transmitter on my camera on A and she was on B. When we would take some pictures, they would go off fine. But if we lowered the camera, they would switch to the other ones channel. IE: I was on A and if I lowered my camera from my face, when I shot again, the receiver set on B would fire, even though my transmitter still said A. For us to fix the issue, we would have to press another channel and then turn it off again (turn on B and then turn it off again). Eventually we put both on the same channel and just had to deal with it that way. But another thing I noticed was that the Alienbee didn't fire every time that the speedlights did. It would fire usually every other shot or every two shots. We never had an issue with the Alienbee's not syncing every time in the past. I would like to think that we maybe just got a bad V6, but this happened two nights in a row at different weddings using different V6's (we have a total of 6) on both a Nikon camera and on a Canon.

Another thing I notice is that on the day we received them, I was playing around with the menu system and I set one of the V6's to the 580EX II profile and then later switched it back. Since then, there have been a few times where the profile was set on SEVERAL V6 models to the 580EX II profile and I have had to switch them back. 


  • If you want to control two sets of lights from two cameras, put them on separate channels, not the same channel with different groups.

    My understanding is that control information (power output, status) is only sent when the settings on the V6 are changed, so having two transmitting V6 on the same channel means the last V6 to make changes wins, and the next time the other V6 fires the flashes it inherits the other's settings because it doesn't re-send power and enable info.
  • Hello whitlingphotography,

    From your description, it looks like the GROUP SEQUENCE in the V6 Tx unit is activated. Then, the V6 Tx will trigger flashes in Group A to D in sequence and cycle it. You can disable it in the V6 MENU (press MENU button > GROUP SEQUENCE > turn it OFF) .

    For the second question, are you saying that you switch the profile from Canon 580EX to MANUAL FLASH, then switch the V6 off and turn it back on. The profile remains Canon 580EX. If so, we have fixed the bug in the latest firmware. Maybe you can update your V6 and give it try again.

    In case you need to download the Cactus firmware updater, please click below link,

    Hope that helps.

    Ray Chan

    Senior Product Specialist
    Harvest One Limited
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