Fuji X-T1 and Nikon SB800

Hi, I would like to get confirmation that with this combo, the V6 will operates the "wake up" function on the flash when half pressing the shutter release. Thank you.


  • We just tested in our studio and the SB-800 won't even go to sleep with the V6.  I think it pinches the SB-800 every so often to keep it awake all the time.

    When I switch off the V6 whilst the SB-800 is on, the flash instantly goes to Standby. And once I switch on the V6, the SB-800 wakes up.

    Is Always On a good thing to have so it's always ready?
    Antonio Lao
    Brand Manager
  • Thank you. It is a bit power consuming to stay alive all the time but the simultaneous "go to sleep" with the V6 could be a guarantee to not fall out of power after a break in the cession.
    Is it the case ? You spoke about switching the V6 off; what is the behavior when the V6 go stand by ?
    Thnaks again

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