Multiple Tx, multiple Rx Groups.


It would be great if multiple Tx can control groups sets withouts "rewrite" the setting of another Tx.

Tx 1 Control Groups A and B
Tx 2 Control Gruops A, B , C
Tx 3 Control Group B

Now, if you turn on or off a group, the others Tx copy that setting, so the last who choose, wins.

If you can control groups without "rewrite", multiple photographers can share different flashes in the same enviroment.
i.e: Weddings with big dance floor, photography classes in studio, big productions with many flash setups, etc.



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    How do you suggest should conflicts about the power levels be resolved?

    If Tx 1, Tx 2, and Tx 3 all have different ideas about what the power level of group B should be, how do you suggest which power level should be chosen for group B?

    I'm assuming you are actually talking about the same group B, because you mentioned "sharing". If you are talking about three different groups then you can just use different channels for the Tx1-Tx3.
  • Yes, is the same group B.
    Maybe sending the signal every time the flash triggers. Or just the way that its working now, (last who choose, wins.).
    Other way that i've thought was the chance to set receivers in more than one group.

    Rx 1: A and C
    Rx 2 B and D

    Tx1: A and B At power level X
    Tx2 C and D At power level X'

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    Assigning more than one group to a receiver would work to resolve power level conflicts (on the Tx side) but the "last to adjust wins" approach isn't really satisfactory for a multiple Tx design and sending the power levels which each trigger event would reduce the maximum sync-speed.
  • If i could assign more than one group to one Rx, that would be awesome. :)
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