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I recently bought the Cactus V6 and I really satisfied about it.

One thing I noticed is the battery drain when switched OFF.
When I install new pair of AA  batteries, switch it OFF using the button, the batteries are completely drained within two days! 

I used a lab power supply and a DVO meter to measure the current drain when switched ON and OFF.

Switch in ON TX position Lab voltage supply set @ 3V and shutter button pressed
  • Using Chanel A, current drain = 0,1449 A (144,9 mA)
  • Using Chanel A + B, current drain = 0,1620 A (162,0 mA)
  • Using Chanel A + B +C, current drain = 0,1661 A (166,1 mA)
  • Using Chanel A + B + C +D, current drain = 0,1705 A (170,5 mA)
Switch in ON RX position Lab voltage supply set @ 3V 
  • Using Chanel A, current drain = 0,1122 A (112.2mA)

Switch in OFF position Lab voltage supply set @ 3V 
  • current drain = 0,05 A (48.7 mA)
That means that using an alkaline battery of 2700 mAh and a current consumption of 50mA, it will be drained in 37.8 Hours0b39c7aa9c4fd832f339d1bc5e2467.jpg
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    3200 x 2368 - 1M
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    siddo said:

    Switch in OFF position Lab voltage supply set @ 3V 

    • current drain = 0,05 A (48.7 mA)
    That means that using an alkaline battery of 2700 mAh and a current consumption of 50mA, it will be drained in 37.8 Hours
    What formula are you using?

    I know that an mAh rating cannot be strictly be taken at face value due to changing voltage during discharge, etc. but shouldn't a better approximation of the expected lifetime be 2700/48.7 = 55h?

    In any event, I measured the actual current with two 2450mAh Sanyo Eneloops to be ~1.3mA in the "OFF" position. This equates to ~78 days of battery life in the "OFF" position. This latter figure much better correlates to my real life experience, as I so far always just turned the V6 "OFF" but found them to still be usable, even after a month or so.

    I reckon, the internal resistance of the Sanyo Eneloops (and probably other batteries) is very different to your lab voltage supply which probably attempts to emulate a zero resistance source and hence real life figures will vary drastically from your findings.

    The question remains, however, why the V6 is consuming any power in the "OFF" position at all.

    It would be great to be hearing from Cactus whether anything is to be said against storing the V6 with battery doors open, for instance. I reckon they still won't lose settings and/or custom flash profiles, but it would be good to hear whether the small power consumption in "OFF" mode is avoidable at all.

  • I used the following webste to calculate the battery drain.

    The fact is, 50 mA drain when OFF is not acceptable.
    It could be my V6 unit is defective, and this an isolate case.
    Or All V6 units have this problem, so I am curieus what other users experience are.

  • The website you quoted uses the same formula as I did but adds a generic 0.7 factor to account for unknown external influences. One can debate about whether that's helpful, but the real question is why you are measuring 50mA whereas I measure 1.3mA.

    Could you perhaps measure the current when using regular batteries instead of your lab power supply? If you are still seeing 50mA, you may actually have a defective unit. It would make sense to check other V6 units, in case you have any others.
  • I'll try this tomorrow using two AA batteries, and the power leads so I can measure voltage and Amps externally with a DVO 
  • I only have one V6 unit, so I can't compare.
  • Hello,

    As requested.

    Still using 48 mA current when switched OFF, even with 2x AA Alkaline battery.

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    1024 x 758 - 138K
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    To be honest, I'd be more convinced that your measurement result corresponds to real world usage if you put the batteries into the V6 and simply measured just the current by replacing the function of the battery door with an Ampere meter.

    However, you seem to be knowing what you are doing and also had the real world experience of two (new?) AA-Alkaline batteries being depleted in two days, so I'm pretty sure your measurement is real.

    I don't think the idle current would be 1.3mA for Sanyo Eneloop (I could post a picture as proof, if desired) and 47.4mA for Alkaline batteries, so perhaps there was a hardware change or your unit is defective.

    I hope Cactus can chime in with a comment regarding your measurement/experience.

    P.S.: The recommendation is to store the V6 with batteries removed anyhow, but I agree that even opening the battery door for short-term or mid-term storage would ideally not be necessary.
  • Hey guys, sorry for keeping our silence - we were running checks at the same time.

    Based on your images, our R&D team thinks your particular unit is defective. I believe this is probably the first case reported so we would like to examine it here in our studio.

    Did you purchased it from one of our dealers?  Return the defective unit to them and ask for a replacement. And please do ask them to return it to us.  What would be really helpful is that you could put a masking tape on it and write "Battery drain" or your user name so we can quickly identify the case.

    Thank you for your understanding and patience during this time.
    Antonio Lao
    Brand Manager
  • Hello Antonio,

    I bought the unit from a Local Dutch Photograph store. I'll send the unit back with the description, related to this topic.
    Thanks for the help.

  • Thank you again, @siddo!

    Antonio Lao
    Brand Manager
  • Hello Antonio,
    I am also experiencing the problem of rapid battery drain. I have 2 V6 units and a RF60. When using alkaline batteries they run down within 2 or 3 days even when they are turned off. I didn't notice this problem when I first got these units about 9 months ago but after some of the firmware upgrades I noticed battery life was much shorter. I have not tried them with other batteries but as someone else suggested is the solution to remove the batteries after use?
  • Hi doogie,

    Are you talking about the V6 or RF60 or both? I doubt the firmware update has the capability for battery drain. i know there there when the device is at OFF position, it will keep a tiny current to keep the circuit running. Approximately, it should last at least 2 weeks or even more, assuming your batteries are fully charge.

    If you found the batteries ran down within 2 or 3 days, maybe you can try new batteries or test it with other V6's / RF60's. If that happens still, it may be defect unit.
    Ray Chan

    Senior Product Specialist
    Harvest One Limited
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