V6 and Nikon D750 and SB-600 and regulating power output

Almost simular problems as others.

V6 TXing on hotshoe D750 
V6 RXing with SB-600 mounted (Nikon SB-600 profile loaded on both V6)
When I put on both de RXing V6 and the SB-600 all kind of nice icons appear at the SB-600 (haven't looked them up).

Both V6 are on the latest firmware available (04-feb-2015)

When I change the power output on the TX the led flashes on de RX and the value changes instantly to the same value as on the TX.
But the SB-600 flashes with the same amount of power as before. It doesn't matter if I set the power output at 1/1 or 1/128. I've taken dozens of pictures now with different kind of settings but I can't get it to work properly.

Changing the TXing en RXing V6 doesn't matter as well. 
TTL passthrough: can't get it to work either.

I notice that the SB-600 doesn't seem to fit very well in the V6 hotshoe, I can move it around just a little bit.

Any thoughts?


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    Note there is an issue with the D750 hot-shoe. Cactus are investigating if they can change the V6 hot-shoe connector to account for this. Perhaps moving the V6 in the hot-shoe slightly may result in TTL pass-through working. Another poster needed to pull back the V6 a fraction.

    Another poster recently reported about one of his V6s not working neither as a receiver nor supporting TTL pass-through. It was just a defective unit.

    Try swapping your V6 units and rerun your test in order to make sure that you aren't suffering from one defective V6 as well.

    Most likely, however, your flash just isn't in TTL mode which it needs to be. See the respective FAQ item.

    Make sure to use the right ordering for turning on devices. Flash first, then V6, and camera last.
  • Hi 'Class A',

    Thnx for your extensive answer.
    Unfortunately my flash was in TTL mode and swapping the units didn't help either.
    What are the chances of having two defective units? Both V6 seems to work because I can see the values changing on both of them. They just don't seem to pass on the settings to the SB-600 (although it does fire).

    As a last attempt tonight I'll make sure I turn on the devices in the right order and will let you know the result.
  • Are you sure the flash stayed in TTL mode and did not switch to "A mode" on its own?

    Please see the FAQ item, I referenced before.

    I'd say the chances of having two defective units are extremely low. The one defective unit I referenced was the first one I personally heard about since the introduction of the V6 about nine month ago.

    Hopefully, making sure the ordering of turning on the devices will sort it for you. If not, perhaps you can shoot a video of your attempt and upload it here?

    I don't own a Nikon flash, so I'm not personally familiar with the potential pitfalls, but I'm sure a Cactus employee will chime in to check if you are doing anything wrong.
  • Hi,

    The ordering of turning on the devices sorted it for me! I never thought it would but it did.

    Now I can see a huge difference in my pictures taken with 1/1 vs. 1/128 as opposed to yesterday which were exactly the same.

    Thanx again, very happy with my V6 now :-)
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