Delay mode - possible with Pentax?

I am trying to figure out delay mode. I can get the V6 to trigger the flash, but it doesn't flash in delay mode, so I am not sure if I am setting something up wrong. This is my first time using radio triggers. Right now I have a pentak k-3, and I have a nikon SB-800 flash. The flash says "Remote" on the back and is in manual mode. I have my camera set to 8 seconds, so I set up the delay mode to shot at 0799 ms to recreate a rear curtain sync, which I can't do on the Pentax without a TTL Pentax flash. This is what I was going to try with a work around, that I read somewhere should work. Is it possible?


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    I got it, stupid mistake, I didn't have the receiver latched properly. Now I can get it to work, but the flash goes off much much later than the time I set. So if I set the trigger at 2999, it goes off way after 3 seconds have gone by according to the camera. I also tried at 10 secs on the camera, with 7900 ms and 9999 ms on the trigger and both went off way after the shutter closed. If I turn off the delay, the flash goes off right away like it should. Is there is setting I have wrong?
  • Have you perhaps set the delay on both the receiver and the transmitter?

    Set it on one only (I suggest the transmitter), and it should work. I'm another Pentax user and just set the mode to "M", the shutter speed on 4s and the V6 transmitter delay to 3970 (to have the flash contribute ~30ms before the shutter closes). It worked fine.

    You may want to use a stop watch to measure what the delay of the V6 actually is. You can start the countdown by pressing the test button. Alternatively, observe when the V6 LED starts blinking; that's when the camera sends the trigger signal.

    BTW, your flash should be in TTL mode so that the V6 receiver can control its power levels. First switch the flash on, set it to TTL mode. Then switch on the V6 in Rx mode and select the correct flash profile (SB-800). After that you can control the flash's power level with your V6 transmitter.
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    Thank you, I thought maybe that might be the issue, I had both on delay. I switch to just RX and I got it to work. but not consistently, so I have to work at it a little more, sometimes it is goes off too soon (I did time it).  I set the flash on TTL mode but for some reason the mode will change will on the RX, so I have to do some more reading.
    So I timed it - I have it at 3950 ms, camera is at 4 seconds. The flash goes off at 4.397 secs and then shutter closes after that. I am not sure why the times are so off.
  • If you are using AF and flash enabled, there will be 325ms shutter lag (as opposed to 97ms for MF).

    I hope you haven't got a flash on the transmitter and TTL pass-through enabled, because that would lead to the above lag (the K-3 has a pre-flash lag that earlier Pentax DSLRs did not have).

    The V6 delay should be consistent, so I guess there is something else going on. I'd put the camera into manual mode "M" just to reduce the number of variables.

    Regarding the flash changing the mode automatically: You should be able to manage this by turning the flash on first, then the V6 Rx (with the correct profile set).
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