V6 Compatibility to Pentax Q10

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I know it is a funny looking combination - but nevertheless I would like to use it - and failed.

V6 and RF60 (both) are not triggered by my Q10 and even a Pentax 360 that works with the Q10 on its own is not triggered in TTL-Trough-Mode.

During the tests I swapped all these Flash-Setups to a K01 and that works fine.

Greetings from Germany



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    May be I found something - not tested yet 

    I will report!

    I tried it now. Like described in the link the camera only fires a non-TTL-Flash/V6-Sender in the flash-off-mode. In this mode however the TTL-Flash fired full power.

    When I put a AF360FGZ directly on the camera in that no-flash-mode it does not fire at all.

    Finaly I tested the RF60 flash and it fire in camera-non-flash mode.

    Conclusion: seems to be a Pentax and not a Cactus-Issue :)
    Greetings from Germany

  • Excellent report! Thank you for sharing =)
    Ray Chan

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  • Hi Klaus,

    your initial setup -- just the V6 on the Q10 -- however does work now, doesn't it?

    The Pentax limitations only seem to apply to on-camera flashes and it seems that the V6 will be fired on the Q10 and can manually control off-camera flashes, is that right?

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    Hi Class A

    Yes - as long as I use a LS-Lens and speeds of 1/250 or slower it can trigger the V6/RF60-System.

    PS: But do no forget to switch of the flash in the camera menu ;-)

    For adapted lens the only way is using the optical trigger of the RV60 - V6 is not sensitive enough (GN4 of the internal flash) . For "Toy-Lenses" I have no possibility to test it.
    Greetings from Germany

  • Thanks, that's cool.
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