Setup in Optical-trigger-mode


Currrently I tested out how I can synchronize my V6/RF60 system to my Pentax Q10.

I figured out that it is possibel to trigger the V6 via hot shoe if the camera is set to flash off, the lens has a lens shutter and the time is 1/250 or longer. For shutter-less lens it is impossible to synchronize the V6/RF60 via the hotshoe.

The camera itselfe would be able to sysnchronize up to 1/2000s but the internal flash (guide number 4-5) is a quite poor performer. Therefore I tried to figure out how I can synchronize the system optically.
Generally optical synchronization is possible up to 1/500 sec but I found that the optical sensitivity of the RF60 is much higher than that of the V6 sensor - is there any possibility to improve the poor V6 optical sensor sensitivity?          
Greetings from Germany


  • I don't think there is a way to increase the sensitivity of the V6's optical sensor. It is primarily intended for flash profiling and hence not ideally suited for optical triggering.

    My solution to this -- sometimes I use optical triggering for HSS timing -- is to not set the V6 receivers to optical triggering but to use a V6 transmitter with optical triggering activated near the camera and have the camera's flash fire into it.

    One option is to mount the V6 transmitter on the camera and use a DIY light guide from the flash into the V6 sensor. Not sure this is feasible with the tiny Q, but it is perhaps worth trying.
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