V6 with V5's

I have a bunch of Cactus V5 transceivers. Can I buy one V6 (used as a transmitter) and use my V5s as

the receivers on my speedlites? Do I still have manual power control?


  • You can use the V5s as triggers in combination with a V6, but they don't support power control.
  • @mbubel  no remote power control as Class A pointed out.

    Also, each V5 will be triggered in any of the 4 groups, A B C and D.

    Antonio Lao
    Brand Manager
  • I have the other question; can I use a V5 to trigger a set of V6's?  I'm thinking of having additional TX for use by others but don't want them adjusting flash power.  I know, there is now a lock function on the V6, but can a V5 be used?
  • Yes, you can trigger V6 Rx (receiver) with a V5. All active V6 Rx will fire, no matter what group they are in.

    You can thus use your V6 Tx (transmitter) to determine which V6 Rx will be fired through a V5 by activating / deactiving the respective group with your V6 Tx.
  • OK this is so good for my mft issue that V6 is way too big. I would prefer setting power levels with a V6 Tx and only trigger with the smaller V5 on the camera. I understand this works?
  • @dpservis: Yes, it works.

    However, the V5 isn't really significantly smaller than a V6. The V6 is in fact shorter, but wider.
  • OK thanks, didn't know that, never had a V5... It would be great to have a small trigger only device but I guess one can only make them that small
  • It could be smaller if it isn't a transceiver.. and without an LCD, and without so many buttons? :)

    I think it would be similar to the Cactus V4 Receiver if there really is one?
    Antonio Lao
    Brand Manager
  • Yes, the V4 was really small, but it isn't compatible with the V6, nor the V5.

    If one wants remote power control then the only option are V6 receivers and then a V6 transceiver on camera makes the most sense as a V5 is almost as big.
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