flash won't fire

I can't seem to get my cactus v6 and rf60 working together.
I should be in the right group etc. when I spin the wheel to modify the flash power, I can see the numbers on the flash moving.
But the flash just won't fire. What am I doing wrong?
If i hit the test button, the flash goes off. Should the test light be on all the time?


  • If the flash fires when you press the test button on the V6 but the flash does not fire when you take a photo that means that your camera is not sending a trigger signal to the V6.

    What camera are you using?

    If it is a Pentax, you need to make sure that the shutter speed does not exceed 1/180s, otherwise the camera won't generate a trigger signal.

    Some mirrorless models require the activation of a mechanical shutter mode (instead of electronic shutter), before they generate a trigger signal for a hot-shoe flash/trigger.
  • Sounds like a V6 hot shoe connection issue.  Do let us know what camera you are using.
    Antonio Lao
    Brand Manager
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