A barebulb RF60?


  • Good idea. We will study the possibility.

    BTW, what is the good thing about barebulb RF60? What features are you expecting?

    Ray Chan

    Senior Product Specialist
    Harvest One Limited
  • Hi Ray

    thanks for the answer. Not sure if I am right in your market segment (well, I am buying your products but may be not in the most valuable segment) which is somehow advanced amateurs that still don't want to carry tons of equipment at location. What makes sense in a barebulb flash IMHO is to fill easily and completely portable umbrellas and softboxes. Not too many accessories, a couple of reflectors (one wide for umbrellas and for mounting it in e.g. speedlight mounts for Elinchrom modifiers) A lighter Wistro with power control through V6, which I use for my other flashes, so I don't need to piggy back triggers (I don't I just see people do that), that I can carry in my bag along with a portable Westcott umrella or a Phottix Easy-up softbox.

    Look at what people are doing to get close to this

  • We love the explorer any photographic equipment that facilitate photographers at work.

    I like the idea of barebulb flash , which give more flexibility and power in taking photos. I really like something handy that i can save energy in carrying stuff and focus on shooting.
    Ray Chan

    Senior Product Specialist
    Harvest One Limited
  • @dpservis  How much oomph would you expect the bare bulb flash to have?
    1. 150Ws
    2. 200Ws
    3. 300Ws
    4. 400Ws+

    FYI, RF60 has an approx power of 80Ws.

    Thanks and look forward to hearing your views!

    Antonio Lao
    Brand Manager
  • Antonio

    300ws would be good

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    Hi Antonio

    this is a tough one... But let me give it a try

    From the market point of view

    I think there is a gap in the lower Ws segment
    Currently people that need >300Ws will go for a Wistro and if they need more, there are more expensive flashes and strobes, even more coming out lately supporting HSS and the like.
    If you think this is your market segment, then OK

    But I think the underserved segment is closer to RF60, and it is the gap left by Sunpak 120J which AFAIK has nothing to do with the remake and the likes of Triopo etc are of low quality. This is a segment of 100-120Ws. I mean Elinchrom is even producing a studio strobe of 100Ws


    So in the end, the point is to serve the speedlight/strobist market which is underserved and you also offer a more complete range of lighting pallete to your users. Maybe this can create a certain niche, people that are somehow subscribing to a Cactus system?

    From the user point of view

    So from the user point of view this would be a flash with a barebulb, no zoom and able to fill a reasonably sized modifier for the use case, portraits etc. The user benefit should be RF60 quality and power control, compact flash that I can also power with a typical speedlight powerpack and fill more efficiently my modifiers, an umbrella or an easy-up softbox. A couple of reflectors, one of them spill-kill that I can use with umbrellas and flash adaptors for studio lights, e.g.


    And if I want more power I get two or use speedlights, but I control and trigger all from my v6.

    A smart modelling light to complement everything would also be great!
  • +1 for the 100-120Ws range bare bulb. The key would be to keep the unit portable and self-contained like the Triopo 180. Another key would be the ability to use Godox/Quantum accessories.
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    Hmmh, 100-120Ws would not even match two RF60.

    What would be the advantage of a bare bulb flash with not much more power than an RF60 over one or two RF60?

    Are you hoping it would be cheaper than two RF60?

    OK, battery handling with two RF60 would be more cumbersome and one doesn't quite get a bare bulb effect (although it is possible to fan them out).

    However, bare bulbs work best in light modifiers, so in order to fill a large modifier for outdoor use, I personally would want to have the power of roughly four RF60, making the use of HyperSync or perhaps even HSS possible.

    Regarding the accessories, why not a Bowens mount?

    Aren't there more modifiers available for Bowens mount than there are for Godox/Quantum?
  • @dpservis, thanks!  We saw it too.

    Hmm... maybe we should ask Godox to make some for us, just like Adorama's Flashpoint series? But it will probably cost $20 more for the Cactus wireless integration.
    Antonio Lao
    Brand Manager
  • LOL

    however, it would be well worth the extra $20 :)
  • LOL you think so? Maybe we should really ask Godox for a quotation :D

    But I wonder who would still use the speedlight connetor if there's already a bare bulb?  Since this flash is meant to be used solely off-camera without the hot shoe connection.  Maybe it's for those who want a more directional light but they don't have a reflector / snoot?
    Antonio Lao
    Brand Manager
  • I'd say for bouncing off ceilings/walls.
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