Will there ever be V6 support for Sony? Now #3 camera maker.

And getting stronger.  Don't get me started about Sony flash issues, but isn't it better now than before with the non-standard Minolta shoe?


  • You can use the V6 on a Sony with the new hot-shoe.

    Are you asking about support for Sony flashes?

    If you are happy to use flashes from other brands (including the RF60 which is a great companion to a V6), you can use the V6 with a Sony right now.
  • I tried to post this yesterday, but there was some glitch.  Trying again:

    hmmmmm....I'll give this a try with my
    Pentax 540.  I have 2 Metz flashes for the Sony as well, and
    I'll see if I can get them to work----although from the setup and
    profile recognition schema the Metz flashes I have are listed under
    the other makes, so this is a little confusing.  Which make
    should I use to get the Metz flashes recognized?

    I am also
    asking why there is no support for Sony flashes, though.

    you see my other question about the Pentax 500 FTZ flash?

  • For your Pentax 540 you'll have to select "Pentax" as the flash system and the profile for the 540. You will be able to use this flash with a V6 and a Sony camera (or any other camera with a standard ISO hot-shoe for that matter).

    For your Metz flashes, you'll have to select the flash system they were made for. For instance, if they were made to work with Nikon, you'd have to select "Nikon" as the flash system and then the respective profile for the flash.

    If your Metz flashes are made to work with Sony cameras then you are probably out of luck. I don't think you will be able to remote control their power levels, but you can certainly try some of the existing profiles to see whether they work.

    Cactus will have to answer the question about Sony flash support. Originally the V6 only supported the Canon, Nikon, and Pentax flash systems. Some Olympus and Panasonic models were added later on. Perhaps some Sony flash models will follow, provided they are compatible with the connector layout of the multi-brand hot-shoe of the V6.
  • Yes, there will be!

    It's in the works and hopefully it will be available later this year.
    Antonio Lao
    Brand Manager

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