What does it mean to get only part way through the "learning" process?

I have been trying to set up a profile for a Pentax 500FTZ.  I have seen elsewhere and here that people have failed to profile it.  At least one of those people only got as for as the initial incompatibility message.

But I got farther than that.  I was able to get up to the 1/2 power routine, and then got a "flash error" message (flash did not fire). Before that, though, the V6 did get it to fire after setting the guide number and hitting "OK".

So, what does this result mean?  Why wouldn't this analog flash (doesn't even have P-TTL, just TTL) be profilable?


  • @texandrews Please check what's the exact message displayed on the V6 because we don't have "FLASH ERROR" as one of them.

    My guess is that the batteries were still charging the flash capacitor while the V6 wanted to trigger the flash at 1/1 full power.  Try loading a freshly-charged set of batteries before starting the Learning Program.

    Thanks and I look forward to your updates!
    Antonio Lao
    Brand Manager
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