Cactus V6, RF60 and other studio flash


I have 2 Cactus RF60 and a Cactus V6. Amazing products :-)
Now, I want to buy a studio flash, like Walimex VE-400, Walimex VC-400, Metz BL-400 or similar.

It's possible to do this configuration?
Cactus V6 attached to the camera as usual. RF60 triggered as usual. But, connecting a sync cable (3.5mm) from the V6 to the studio flash, when I shoot the camera it will trigger the three flashes?



  • Hello Tim,

    I don't see any problem to trigger those three flashes at the same time. The V6 Rx units should receive the x-sync signal from the Tx unit and trigger through the hotshoe or 3.5mm sync cable at the same time.

    Ray Chan

    Senior Product Specialist
    Harvest One Limited
  • Tim, the V6 will trigger studio lights but cannot (in my experience, Bowens, Interfit and Elinchrom) remotely control the power. You could save some money and use V5 triggers on the strobes.

  • Yeah, I know that I must change the parameters manually in the studio flashes. But I own a V6, so I'm doubting to sell it and buy a cheaper trigger, or continue using the V6.

    One more thing. As I have two RF60, with the V6 I pretend to trigger the two RF60 wirelessly and the studio flash using cable.

    Regards and many thanks!
  • Hopefully someone will see this question. I am in a similar situation as Tim. I have 2 v6 and I have a set of novatron 550 strobe/flash sets. I believe the connector for the novatron strobe powerpack is an H connector. Almost looks like a regular power outlet connector. I don't see a cable like that on this site.

    How would I go about triggering those strobes with the v6. 
  • For a Novotron 550 you may need a sync cable adapter.

    You'd also need a sync cable to fit the V6 and this adapter (3.5mm at both ends).

    I guess this would work but I'm not a 100% sure as I don't know the Novotron 550. Does it have a "sync" connector that would fit the adapter I linked to?
  • My Novatron sets use this cable PC to H Sync Cord to trigger flash from the camera. The set that I have resembles this one Novatron 550.

    I found this cable on B&H photo that looks like it will connect but not sure if it will work. Impact Sync Cord
  • The cable offered by B&H is not described very well but since reviewers used it with PocketWizards that also use a 3.5mm connector (like the V6), the cable should work.
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