Random full power fire

I'm having the issue every time I'm doing a shoot. I can't remember after what firmware update this started to happen but it's making me paranoiac and I have to keep looking on my screen after every shot to  make sure I don't get over blown photo's.

It doesn't matter what range I set up on cactus V6 short or long. In random order one flash will fire at full power. I tried different brand batteries and that didn't help. I tried to use to switch cactus RX for TX. I updated firmware. Tried different channels and groups. Nothing helps it keeps randomly firing at full power.

Camera Nikon D7000, flash Metz 44 af-1.

I made an example where you can see how random this is.

Please help me to fix this.



  • Hello Dyeless,

    How many Metz 44 af-1 do you have?
    Or do you have other portable flash models available to test?
    So your V6 firmware is running on the latest 1.1.008?
    Our engineers will test and see if we can replicate the same problem.

    Thanks for your understanding during this time!
    Antonio Lao
    Brand Manager
  • A couple questions, @Dyeless

    What was the initial power you set on your Metz from the V6?

    And what were the intervals you took between the shots? Were they randomly taken?

    Antonio Lao
    Brand Manager
  • edited March 2015 PM
    I have only one flash.

    Metz is on ttl mode as cactus V6 pointed out the in manual. Power on cactus V6 doesn't matter, but normally I would use 1/64 - 1/32. 

    Intervals for this sequence was about 10 - 20 sec after shot. Imagine you doing a photo shoot and after couple shots you change subject position etc and continue to shoot. So there is small pause in between shot's (normally 20 - 60 sec) and then usually on the first shot flash will fire on full power.

    I remember there was a problem with this flash model where it would go to sleep mode and the only way to wake it up was pressing any button on the flash itself.
  • @Dyeless, a firmware update will fix the probelm!

    BTW, the flash did not jump to full power, but just one stop up. We recalibrated the profile and will have it available for update soon.

    Sorry for making you wait.
    Antonio Lao
    Brand Manager
  • I'm fine with that. And I said full power because I don't have tools to measure difference.

    That's good news. Looking forward for an update.

    All the best,

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