Camera does not shoot when it´s conected with V6

Hello everyone.
I have a Cactus V6 conected via a SC-N4 cable to my Nikon D7000.
When i press the test button until the end,  the camara tries to focus, but does not shoot.

I´ve actualized the firmware to the latest version and also, I have the same problem with a Nikon D90.

Does anyone have the same problem?




  • Hi,

    are you pressing the test button fully down?

    You should be seeing a green confirmation light.

    If you are only seeing an orange confirmation light then you are only "half-pressing" and the camera should not do more than focus.

    If you are getting a green confirmation light after fully pressing the button and the camera does not release the shutter then hopefully someone with Nikon equipment can chime in. My shutter release cable for Pentax works without a problem.
  • Yes. I´m pressing fully down.
    I know you want to say. I´ve got a Cactus LV5 and when I try to do the same with it, it works fine. If I press the button until the middle the camera focuses, and when I press the test button fully down, the camera shoots.

    The problem appears with the V6. If I press fully down, the camera only focuses, it doesn´t shoots.

    Could it be broken?
  • You can make sure that the test button on the V6 is working by checking whether you see the green confirmation light after a full press and/or trigger the V6 with an LV5.

    Just to eliminate a further variable, I would remove the V6 from the hot-shoe of the camera and just leave the shutter release cable attached. Your configuration should work but for troubleshooting it would make sense to take it off.

    Did you check the LV5 shutter release functionality very recently? Perhaps the camera configuration changed and the LV5 wouldn't work either in the camera's current state?

    If the LV5 still works but the V6 does not, there may be a problem with the V6 firmware or hardware.

    As I said, the remote shutter release works for me, so hopefully another Nikon shooter or Cactus will be able to help you out.
  • Thank you Class A. I´ve just talk with the seller and I´ll send the V6 to the store. It´s not normal.
    I´ll tell here what was the problem...

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