Cases or bags for storage of triggers

I am on the look out for some sort of storage bag or case for my Cactus v6 triggers.  It would be wonderful if there was something for it.


  • Hi @Traveler01 it's a good idea which has been brought up before too.

    How many V6 units should the bag be able to carry?

    We heard many would stack up 3-4 of them and slot them like a lens or flash into their camera bag.

    We'd love to hear your ideas. Thanks!
    Antonio Lao
    Brand Manager
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    Antonio said:

    How many V6 units should the bag be able to carry?

    I have two V6 units, could see that extended to three over time I know a few folks with three untis and one other with four.

  • I would like to store three unit.  I know that the Cactus v6 are larger than some other brands.  I did stack the 3 units that I have, but I would like to store them in something. Has anyone looked into the Tenba Toolbox series of cases.  Would they hold them?
  • Would like to know it too, thanks.
  • Thanks guys @kwanck @rcblackwell @Traveler01

    We are on it and hopefully will have updates soon.

    FYI it's probably going to house 4 trasnceivers plus space for cables and batteries.

    Shoot us any other ideas you may have. Thank you!
    Antonio Lao
    Brand Manager
  •  I often carry 6 V6 and a couple of V5's.  I just stack them up in compartments in my flash bag.  I have one TX, and 4 RX for key, fill, hair, background.  And one spare.  And two V5's for use on other camera bodies; often sharing with other shooters for workshops.  A case should hold 4; I would then use two cases.
  • Thank you @jc_boy3 for sharing your set and how you store them!

    So it sounds like 4 units is sensible option. :)
    Antonio Lao
    Brand Manager
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