HSS with RF60's and Olympus OM-D EM1

Hi Everyone,

I am new to flash photography so please bare with me :)

I have bought a V6 transceiver and 2 RF60's to use outdoors in the shade.

Can someone explain exactly what I need to do in order to use this setup in HSS mode?

I am looking to work around f3.2 in the higher shutter speeds and haven't figured out the exact settings I need to do for this setup. 



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    Have you had a look at the RF60 manual?

    Section 11.2 provides quite a bit of detail. There is also this related thread here, which features videos. It is about different cameras but the principles are the same.
  • Thanks for the response Class A! I think I need to play with the delay settings. I'm using the V6 to trigger the RF60's. I was getting black bars so I'll try the delays. Thanks!
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