Novatron 1000VR does not fire with V5

I picked up an old Novatron 1000VR set and modified the sync cable to connect into the V5's (basically I bought a household to miniphone adaptor). When I attach one to my Novatron box and one to my camera, the test button works great to fire the strobes. When I use my camera shutter, it does not fire them. If I remove the one receiver from the novatron and attach a regular speed light, it works just fine. What could be the issue.

The camera is an Olympus OMD EM1. 
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  • My guess is that the Novatron has reversed polarity. If it's the case you will need to modify your sync cable. Please see the diagram below.

    3.5mm_reverse cable.jpg
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    Antonio Lao
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    It shouldn't be a case of reversed polarity since the cable works when the test button of the V5 is used. At least I'm assuming the test button on the transmitter V5 is being pressed when the setup is working.

    Is it possible that the trigger time generated by the camera is too short for the Novotron to pick it up?
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