X100T, Off-Camera Flash - Different Sync Speeds in Manual vs TTL Passthrough?

This one's odd to me:

Assuming I have a flash on my X100T and off camera flashes as well, all on V6's.

1) If the on-camera V6 is set to TTL Passthrough and the on-camera flash is set to TTL, everything works as expected up through 1/60 second shutter speed. Above that, the on camera flash works just fine, but the off camera flash (although it fires) does not show up in the image.

2) If, however, I set the on-camera flash to manual and adjust it manually - without changing any other settings - I easily am able to Sync up to at least 1/500s.

Any ideas as to cause or solution?


  • Have you enabled TTL pass through on your V6 TX unit?
    Antonio Lao
    Brand Manager
  • @Antonio To clarify, yes, I have. :) The behavior is just weird!
  • Hi there
    I have two cactus flashes anf one v6 and sony a77ll syn speed is 250th of sec. when
    I was using the flashes off camrea I could not go up to 250th or I
    would get a black line at the top at 200th it was fine.
    When I use
    them on the camrea I could go 320th of a sec . witch I found strange
    sence the syn speed is 250th of a sec. could anyone help me?
    I was shooting in doors in both cases with a 28 to 85 lens.
    I did make sure that the flash delay was off.
    I did try putting the v6 in ttl passthrough and that seams to fix the problem.
    with the v6 on the camera and the flash mounted on it I could only go to 200th and when I put the ttl on I can go to 320th sec but off 250th
    love the units just found this a little strange.
  • @Dave  This is likely a Sony thing.

    Despite A77II and A99 says x-sync is 1/250, we have Sony friends who tested them to be still 1/160, same with all their other cameras.

    @Orangish  Is there any shutter type options available on the X100T?
    And what flash modle are you using in your setup?

    Antonio Lao
    Brand Manager
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