V6 Battery door opens a little if you breathe near it

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My new V6 has an issue where the door will slide back about 1/16 inch or so with the slightest touch. It takes such little handling that it's basically always like that if I've used it at all or even just put it in the bag.

While it doesn't open all the way, it's annoying. Plus, it's that much closer to popping open from some other force while handling.

Is this normal? I've heard reports that the door seems flimsy, which I was expecting, but this just seems defective. Any advice?


  • It is not defective, it's only the batteries being pushed against the door with a set of brand new contact springs inside the compartment so it's easy for the door to slide.

    Rest assured that the battery door will not open by itself, and even if it slides back 1/16 inch it won't pop up unintentionally.

    However reviews may comment about the look-flimsy door, we so far have not receive any reports of it breaking off nor unintentionally popping open. In any case, we will continue to improve the built quality of our products and we really appreciate your comments.
    Antonio Lao
    Brand Manager
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