Nissin MG8000 don't work continuous shooting

I have problem. I use the profile "Nissin MG8000 (Canon)" with continuous shooting and Nissin MG8000 fires only 1 (first) shoot, but for next shoots flash dont fire.
When I use "Manual profile" continuous shooting works good. 
And when I use "Canon 430EX" with profile for Canon 430EXII continuous shooting works good.
I installed the latest firmware and it does not solve the problem.
Please help me. Sorry my English is bad


  • Hello @Fotolit

    First, you should select the correct profile and not use MANUAL FLASH.
    Instead, choose the profile : Canon  > Nissin MG8000
    1. What power level was set on the MG8000?  Try a lower power output first, say 1/128.
    2. Also check if the V6 RX unit LED, it should blink green everytime the camera releases a shutter.
    3. Try triggering the MG8000 by pressing the Test Button.
    Let us know if the above helps!  Thank you.
    Antonio Lao
    Brand Manager
  • I do exactly as you write, choose the profile Canon - Nissin MG8000 and power 1/128. The green button is flashing, but the flash does not fire at the second, third, fourth and the rest of the shutter is released. 

  • @Fotolit  Thanks for shooting the video. We released a firmware last Friday which should fix the problem you are encountering.   The latest version should be 1.1.013.

    Thank you!
    Antonio Lao
    Brand Manager
  • Thanks for the help. I update the firmware, now everything works :)
  • Great to hear, @Fotolit !

    Don't hesitiate to contact us should you require further assistance.
    Antonio Lao
    Brand Manager
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