V6 + RF60 work unpredictably in short range

Hi everyone!

So I have a problem which I encountered. I wanted to use the RF60 and V6 on my macro rig - so I won't need to buy an additional cable but It doesn't work well. The distance between the flash and V6 is around 10-15 cm. And in some positions of flash relative to V6 (I have the RF60 on a magic-arm) - it simply won't work. It won't change power or zoom and won't trigger as well. If I flip the RF60 - works like a charm. Is this normal?
I suppose that it has to do with 2.4 GHz frequency and polarization of the signal which makes such close-proximity configurations unpredictable. Also this doesn't change weather I choose long or short range on the V6. If the distance is more than 50 cm, then there are no problems.
Can something be done about this?



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    The "SHORT" option of the V6 is meant exactly for this type of challenge. When I engage it on my V6, I can trigger other V6 or RF60 that are extremely close.

    Can you make sure that you have activated the short working range again? You may want to verify whether "SHORT" has any effect by trying it immediately after you changed the configuration (without turning the V6 OFF in-between) and, alternatively by turning the V6 off first before you test.

    Perhaps a factory reset of the V6 may help as well? It shouldn't be necessary but since "SHORT" makes a huge difference for me, I'm puzzled why you are not seeing a difference.

    If it still does not work, perhaps try to use an older firmware to check whether a bug has been introduced into the version you are using. You can use the Firmware Updater to downgrade the firmware by selecting an older version when you "update".

    If everything fails, perhaps you can experiment with using some foil to shield the antennas. I have no idea whether this has a chance of succeeding as the "SHORT" option always worked for me.
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